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I have tried some of the recommended/suggested browsers here. Some I did not like, Mypal 'installed' (?), but simply would not run. So I am still with FF, , , ,
The strange thing is that with android it opens normallyo_O.

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Do you have the same problem?


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I'm using Mypal as browser but the spell checker is set by default to the English language and even when choosing the French language (right click on the word to correct > Languages > French) the changes are not saved after the restart the browser!
Ghostery and NoScript


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Thank you. Could you also please find Privacy Badger for Mypal?

I downloaded and did drag and drop to install. In the attachment Ghostery is seen on the left hand corner of Mypal while Self-destructing cookies that I previously installed from the palemoon add-ons page, is seen on the right hand corner. How can I move ghostery to the right hand corner near to Self-destructing cookies?

Noscript was also installed in the same way. I got the little notification window that said "Noscript was installed" but I can't find it :rolleyes:


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Privacy Badger legacy can be downloaded from here:

I highly recommend you keep the backups of all your favorite MyPal extensions (XPI files) in a safe place because they are getting harder and harder to find.

In order to display the NoScript icon you need to right-click on the toolbar where the other icons are located and select 'Customize'.

Scroll down until you see the NoScript icon and drag it to your desired position on the toolbar.


You can also re-arrange the positions of the icons on the toolbar by dragging them to your desired position.