Why do you still use XP?

I think largely because I'm a rebel and when I'm told I cant do something that makes me even more determined to prove wrong. Partly, the same and I enjoy it and some programs I also still want to use. Otherwise, I'd likely go full linux. Hate to say it here.
Simply because I have two ancient favourite items of hardware that won’t work beyond XP
And if they're doing the job, then who needs the latest thing?

I look at high res pdfs all day long, and guess what? xp displays them quickly and easily even with reader 5.0 (only some 'new' pdfs are straying from the standard and starting to cause version problems, but most people are still doing things the right way). With a video card/gpu it's even faster.
Yes and it's never been a better time to stick with 32bit audio & music creation with all the former commercial VST-VSTi plugs now given out for free as they all drop them & do 64bit only now...

As far as WHY well this image says all-
Sorry to post this in two threads, but here goes...

I honestly don't mean to be a jerk, but, no, it's an obscure very comprehensive [and very expensive] DVD-A authoring tool that's still proprietary.
No problem... No need for any excuse... I have issues with my 'corporeal body' I would never tell anyone but we could walk on the beach together & discuss itching!...

BTW you ever wonder why it's termed 'corporeal body'?... Or why a dead one is a 'corpse'? It's because since the USA is actually a corporation & they consider everyone who is a 'citizen' a corporation as well. The real meaning of citizen is an employee of the corporation. Towns-Cities are corporations. Your birth 'certificate' with your name in all caps is certificate of monetary value (an account) & certificate means a document that denotes ownership. There is no actual authentic registry of any birth, just the creation of an account... The rabbit hole is quite deep...
For years it was for games but I've been fortunate enough to find hacks/ports of all my faves that run on Windows 10/11.

Mostly I still keep it around for the 3D Windows XP screensaver. I've gotten Windows 98 screensavers to work in modern Windows OSes but this one will only run in XP.


And the download link from MS is still valid! Very odd since MS has scrubbed everything else XP from its site.
QUOTE FROM 2021 WIN XP SCREEN SAVER THREAD: I've tried to get it to run on other Windows versions but no dice, works only on XP. Luckily it runs great inside a VMWare XP Pro instance.

@ClippyBeer - Please see an excerpt from a post you made (above). I gleaned from the 2021 thread that you linked everyone to - in Post #75 of this thread - that you were employing employing a "VMWare XP Pro" virtual machine (VM) to run Win XP. Other than employing Boot Camp - in the Mac OS X environment - to run Win 7 Pro, circa 2012, I've never run VMs. My reading is telling me that VMWare is a company that specializes in commercial VM software. Would you mind writing about why you employed the VMWare software over the MS "Windows XP Mode" VM utility written by Microsoft? Thank you.
I'm still using XP because it works great and it feels like home. I've genuinelly never come across a more comfortable operating system, and my use cases don't really dictate me using the latest programs, so I can make do with what it has to offer.

It's also just something I am extremely familiar with, both good and bad aspects of it. And I know it's not going to spy on me and sell my data to who-knows-who. I dual-boot XP with devuan for the few things that do require me to interact with the attrocious spectacle of horrors that is modern technology and web standards (I mainly use it to access websites that can only be accessed from recent FF and --once in a blue moon-- to develop some stuff) but nothing beats XP. Only Windows 98 and NT4.0 come even close to the holistic quality of XP. (I have not tried all windows versions however.)

If there's anything I wish for more than anything it's that more programs still supported it, and that the programs that matched the look-and-feel of the OS (and thus feel the homeliest), such as IE6 or Outlook Express, etc. were still usable nowadays without fearing for my privacy and security. I suppose I just wish it was less of an upstream battle to use it in the modern day. I wonder why people obsess so much over needing to replace the operating system every few years, it's not like we demolish all of our buildings whenever the construction company decides its time to make more profits, but it would seem the digital world is devoid of grounded logic.

I'm really glad I found a place like this one with people who actually still use XP rather than just kids roleplaying with VMs because its "retro" or "aesthetic". This OS is my digital home and people dont take that seriously at all, though more often than not these same people are just in kahoots with the construction company-- if you understand my implications.

I hope one day I can be good enough at coding that I will be able to help maintain the XP ecosystem alive.
Welcome. Yeah, I've never understood the digital version of 'keeping up with the Jones's' that has turned everyone into a super high-intake consumer that has to buy and break and upgrade everything continuously to feed some sort of sadistic need.

Like you, I don't need latest and greatest (how much has word processing really changed?), so I can just use xp for what I need and not worry. Plus, it's ultra fast on systems that were designed for win7 and vista--you don't wait for anything.
@CurryFanXP - Yeah, I here you about the construction company. Those people up there have given me the creeps for decades. In fact, I used to equate them to drug pushers. They get you into one thing and then push you into the hard stuff ... and, sure enough, the poor slobs that they hook keep coming back for more.

Getting into some specifics, we recently tried out a couple of Win 11 laptops in our small office: I couldn't stand how they operated. If I had to sum up how they're designed to operate, I'd say that they're one-quarter Madison Avenue advertising outlet, one-quarter mass media outlet, one-third propaganda mill and the last priority being the remaining quarter that operates the productivity software we use to make a living with. If you can tell me who's out there working on open-source software that will finally drive a stake through the vampire's heart, please let me know. I will gladly contribute toward their goal.

In short, the evil rubbish that comes loaded onto PCs these days is not what Gary Kildall or Jonathan Sachs had in mind back in the early-80s.
These days I've given up Windows XP. There are only a few hand-fulls of old games that work properly on XP and not Windows7.

Here are the problems I found with XP (that made it fall out of favor with me):

1. Keyboard + mouse are USB port specific. If you unplug them and forgot to put them back in the EXACT port (many PC's have at least 4 USB ports on the back), they stop working until Windows re-installs drivers for them again (Windows 7 + Linux doesn't care, you can swap ports and that never requires a device driver re-install).

2. Can only support resolutions up to 2560x1440. Some displays go way beyond to 2560x1600. Windows XP cannot handle these high resolution screens (but Windows 7 can!)

3. FireFox 52E on Windows XP plays 1080p YT videos way slower (you can visibly see the choppiness) than the same 1080p videos on FireFox 78E+ on Windows 7 (on the same hardware)!
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