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Getting ready to polish my Queen Ann coffee table today as I've neglected it and it needs attention as it was handed down from my grandmother. I do want to get outside today and beat back the agoraphobia because man on man the week long stretches inside isn't good for anybody.

Oh and @Elizabeth23 ... thinking of you and I hope you're enjoying this holidays season. No rush to reply ;)
holidays are mostly just another day for me, :) but thanks xperceniol
I can understand that, I guess most the good memories (we'll some good some bad) are from childhood and for a long while I didn't celebrate the holidays at all, and now, I don't do much, but this year (at least) the music isn't bothering me as it did at one time. Yeah, I do get it, though. Almost there and it will be over with and things can return to "normal" minus all the hustle and bustle.
I've tried tea maybe 3 times in my life. I do like it though, just not sure which ones, but probably most of them! I expect to gravitate towards exotic, complicated flavors instead of something bland like light green tea.
I like family get togethers and good meals during the holidays, but I despise the gifting part, needless stress.

Can you guess that it snows where I live? That's not my creation, but it does make me grin.
Coffee drinker here, have been since my university days. I buy whole beans then grind & brew.
That's awesome that you buy the whole beans ... I also enjoy coffee but am trying to decrease the amount of caffeine in my life; but its hard sometime to get going in the AM.
So, how are things @TMTGTR @Samir @priscus

Just hoping to bring back some of our members, but I realize its a busy time of the year and perhaps you are dealing with other happenings, but just reaching out and we'd love to see you again.

I just with there were more love and acceptance in the wold today, but whatever; I guess.
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