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I'm a bit perplexed seeing we have not picked new members here. I really thought more new and some senior members would have returned as we're trying to build up again here. Sometimes I wonder if people enjoy forums anymore in 2023?!
That's the BIG question!
would be nice if everyone stayed 20, until their time was up, :)

:eek:can you imagine the overpopulation and climate crisis!? Good time to invest in hotel stock!

Some error messages just leave me flabbergasted.

Haha OK here's some I've saved from my own personal experiences:

I like how it tells me to click... good thing Print Screen still worked :D

This one was while accessing a hard drive:

Who knows what that means :D:rolleyes:

Wow, I scored! At my favorite computer shop where I scrounge their 'recycle box', there was a case I wanted. Lotta comp stuff inside. At home I started to remove the inner workin's & noticed: fairly new 480W psu, fairly new cdrom, 4 G ddr2 memory, I realized everything was there but an HDD. Mobo is ASUS M2N68 plus.

I'm jealous! I've bought two ASUS M2N68's! It'd be nice to have such a box around here where folks could reuse hand-me-downs... but we do have Best Buy that recycles most anything electronic for free.

Don't stay too much away. We'd miss your wit and sagacity.

Great job, you've taught me something today! I Yahoo'd sagacity.

I actually don't believe this since it already knows the answer--so why is it asking then? What's worse is all those 'identify the car in these pictures'--what nation state spy ring needs to know these things?

Nothing is for free and if it is, you're being exploited somehow for someone else's bidding. This is the operational state of the Internet.

Exactly. Google pays websites to install their captchas (yes, all captchas are loaded from, uMatrix proves it). Draw your own conclusions... I've drawn mine. My trusty uMatrix extension shows me all the tracking garbage on websites, which stays disabled unless I have a good reason to temporarily enable any (first I Yahoo the domain names to find out their intentions.)

Since it worked for other members, I've got 183 funny pictures I've collected since the Dial-Up-Networking days, I'll share one a day as long as it keeps making people laugh. :D And if anyone has a car question, I know much about them too, especially brands starting with T!
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