What browser will xp users switch to when firefox ends support for xp?

Also, does anyone know exactly when firefox is ending support?

after september 2017, xp users will be moved to firefox extended support release, see the link below:


and below is pale moon atom version for xp, but that also is going to be unsupported:



read below for some other alternative browsers, I am going to check out some of them myself and will post my results in this thread. :)
Just to repeat here, these are the current browsers that are known working:

SeaMonkey v2.46

Firefox v51.x

Cyberfox v51.x (although not officially supported, it fully works)

Midori v0.5.11

Maxthon Cloud Browser v5

Lunascape v6.15

Dooble v1.56c

Avant Browser 2016 (**** just don't use Trident ****)

QupZilla v2.0.1 (the last release was six months ago - so try to confirm if this is currently active)

For those wanting a native browser for Windows XP x64 Edition, Waterfox (which claims compatibility) hasn't run properly since v46.x, so that may now be a dud. :(
Interesting looking site: I shall bookmark that one.

Are the older versions of the mainstream browsers that are no longer supported still usable? (At your own risk basis)

Be helpful if users will share their experience of the browsers listed.
Ya' all know, you dont have to use the newest versions of anything, including browsers.
I'm using Firefox Portable 29.0.x, works fine. Tried newer versions, different browsers, prefer this, , ,

The new versions merely help get the advertisements 'in your face', far as I can tell, , , ,
Using an unsupported OS and browser would be pretty unsafe, I would rather just use one vulnerable thing than two vulnerable things.
Also, I'd say the best replacement browser is probably opera 36, you don't need many features in a browser, security updates are enough.
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Liz,yes you have your bookmarks, homepage etc etc. It works exactly like a regular installation, except it does not modify/change your registry. And you install it where-ever you want. (actually, it installs where the install exe file is, unless you want it somewhere else. I created 'c:\firefox' on my comp & installed it there)

A friend (84 yrs old!) really messed up his computer, inc firefox <- would not uninstall/re-install/not work, etc, he was using IE & hating it. I tried FFport & it worked fine right off the bat.

Save your old bookmarks as html file & paste/copy it to where-ever this new FFportable is, open it & bookmark it. [I end up with 100's of links, way too many!!] Open these links & then bookmark the ones you want to keep. Only thing is, you have to initally enter p/w's from those links needing them, but FFport will remember them if you want, "just like the old browser"

I am using flash peak slimjet witch is based on chromium, It still geting some updates for XP. (for now any way)
@cornemuse, well I am now running the portable version and the first thing that came up before I got a chance to unclick the automatic update, I got a notice that I was using an outdated browser, but I set to not check for updates.

only one other issue, is it will not remember passwords for some sites, even though the later editions of firefox would save these passwords???

any ideas?
I see, then I will try the newest version of portable ff, I just tried the version 29 as that was what you used. will get back to you via PM. :)
Liz, there's a whole bunch of 'portables', here:-


.....in the 'Internet' section.

I tend to favour the Chromium-based ones myself, having used Chrome since day 1, when it was released back in 2008. SlimJet and SRWare Iron both do portables; SlimJet only up to version 10, Iron still currently supporting XP.

There's also Chromium-portable, from


Version 49 still works perfectly well, and is quite safe to use. It's the last version to support XP.

With the portables, everything is contained within the one folder; bookmarks, extensions, the lot. Which is why you can copy the entire folder from one machine to another. All you need is to use the launcher, within the app folder, to start it.


All down to personal choice, really. I tend to agree with cornemuse; you don't need to run the 'latest & greatest' browsers all the time. I run 'Puppy' Linux most of the time now; although I package the 64-bit versions of Chrome for the community, and I'm currently 'beta-testing' Chrome 57, my personal 'fall-back' favourite is an elderly version of Chromium; 36.0.1985.143.....because it just 'works'. All the time.

I find that the best browsers for XP tend to be those that were around when it was still 'current'.

Mike. ;)
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Well the 52 ESR release came out this week, and XP and Vista users are shifted to the ESR release. So it's probably your BEST best until September. @cornermuse, the only ads you get are in the new tab page. Just delete them and the issues are gone. I think Cyberfox and Waterfox v52 ESR will also work (even in not officially supported), and without any telemetry. Cyberfox is biting the dust as of the end of the ESR cycle. But that's OK because Firefox will too.

It's safe to say that as of the first quarter of 2018, there will be no current browsers for XP left. You could use a recent one until you ditch the OS in 2019. Then you can look at your platform migration options (which is really what an XP forum should be about in 2017 I'm afraid - "what is the best method of replacing XP".) Taking the approach of "You'll have to pry XP out of my cold, dead hands" is not one you should bet on.