Serpent Web Browser

The best web browser for Windows XP that is the most compatible with modern websites (even Skype for Web, the only way to get Skype for XP) is 360 Extreme Explorer 13 (Based on Chrome 86) modified by ArcticFoxie. This is based on the Chinese version of 360 Extreme Explorer except with all the telemetry and unnecessary connections removed.

It works with most extensions from Chrome Web Store and is 100% portable.

The downside? Themes from Chrome Web Store won't work and you only have a choice of 4 built-in themes requiring some hacking to change.

I've always been a fan of Roytam's offerings but since they will always be based on Mozilla 52.x there isn't much hope that website compatibility will be improved.

We will have to wait and see how Feodor's MyPal based on Quantum will evolve.
Very happy thus far with Arctic Foxie 360EE V11. Hardly use V13 because I'm only 2GB of reliable memory so that balance is the key. Use the white and animated blue from Humming Owl's older version but I posted pictures of the themes.



Still going to use Serpent for the foreseeable future and I'm happy Roy updated them weekly, though, I recommend waiting and backing up your profile in case things go wrong.

MyPal 68 is just fine, but you can't go by me, because I disable quite a lot so I don't see the errors and issues other (may) see/experience.

Have a good one everyone ... :~))
So ..

I'm using:

user_pref("general.buildID.override", "20100101");
user_pref("general.oscpu.override", "Windows NT 10.0");
user_pref("general.useragent.override", "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win32; x86; rv:107.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/107.0");

Still finding spoofing win 32 to be a bit better for me anyway, but 55 overall is performing surprisingly well on YT but requires patients.
Yes indeed, need to be well medicated to use the browser. Haha, that wouldn't be my first goof and warning up ahead more to come, I'm sure. :D
Long story (kinda) short..... I restored a previous image to my OS drive, which included Basilisk Serpent, but I obviously made the image before I had installed Ublock Origin. Now I am unable to install Ublock. "Not compatible with Serpent 52.9.0".

I have updated my useragent to 111.0 (3 places), and also played with other useragent strings.... no joy.

When I search About:Config, I cannot find "Serpent" anywhere.... so I don't know how the Ublock installer I.D.'s the browser as such.
Has anyone figured out how to get Bitchute pages to load properly with the Serpent browser?

Regarding Bitchute:
Newest Roytam1 releases for
Serpent (Basilisk 52)
Serpent (Basilisk 55)
Palemoon 28:
Display working comment sections.
uBlock Origin must be disabled

Using these browsers To download a video from bitchute:
left click->View Page Info->Media->
Scroll to video line->Save As

or enable uBlock Origin and left click on video->Save Video as