I wanted to dual boot xp and 7 on my computer, but xp showed acpi bluescreen. I found out that I have to press f7 while it's showind up "press f6". When xp loaded all files, next blue screen said, that I have to check drive for viruses. On websites is written, that I have to change controller option to 'Compatibility' / 'IDE', but I cant find it in my uefi bios.

my specs:
Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Intel Core i5 6500 3.20
2TB Hybrid + 250 GB HDD
Gigabyte Ultra Durable Z170-HD3

sry for my english.:eek:


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You do know that xp has to be installed first on a dual boot with 7 and that xp cannot be installed on a sata drive without sata controllers.

unless you have a floppy drive on the pc, the sata controllers will have to be slipstreamed onto the xp cd with N-lite.

read above, the stop error is saying the flash drive is not accessible and/or the harddrive, if the sata drivers have not been input properly onto the install iso.

on the stop A5:

To resolve this behavior, contact the manufacturer of your computer to obtain a BIOS that is fully ACPI compliant.

To work around this behavior, manually install the Standard PC hardware abstraction layer (HAL):

Restart the computer to restart Setup.
When Setup starts again, press F7 (not F6) when you see the "Press F6 if you need to install a third-party SCSI or RAID driver" screen.

Windows automatically disables the installation of the ACPI HAL and installs the Standard PC HAL.

from here


you need to go the the pc manufacturer's website and see if there is an updated bios for the pc and install it, OR bypass the sata install in the bios and choose IDE. and use an install w/o sata controllers
Not sure about your mobo, but not all gigabyte (or other mfgs either), mobos will 'allow' one to even install XP anymore.

(I had/have the same problem) -c-
I set the sata mode to legacy and started XP installation with sata and ahci drivers. I pressed f7 when I was promped to and installaion continued and I successfully installed xp, but usb was not working properly, so I installed Asmedia USB driver from a original motherboard disc, rebooted and XP was not accepting any USB or PS/2 input anymore. So I decided to reinsall XP, but when I was booting he disc it was writing:"Press any key to boot from CD..." I pressed, but i freezed. I ried the disc on another comp, but there it booted and installed properly. So I decided o forma the XP HDD and then the XP install disc booted, so i pressed F7 when I was prompted to, set sata mode to legacy, but when it was writing: "Startting Windows..." I get a bluescreen, which says to me, that I have to turn of memory caching and shadowing in BIOS, but I can't find that in my UEFI BIOS.

Is there a way how to prevent his error message different way?
thx a lot.
I successfully installed XP today and I have Internet and Audio driver installed, but I can't install AMD driver which has to be compatible with XP because on cd is written "XP". Driver Installer instantly crash when it's "Detecting Hardware" and usb driver exactly for XP writes to me that I have no USB hardware. USB ports can handle a mouse and keyboard, but no USB key and mouse wheel.

I can't find anything for that AMD driver or the USB driver.
help pls.

By the Way I wrote this on XP.
How To Find Drivers For An Unrecognized Device

1. Open Device Manager (Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager)
2. The hardware whose drivers are missing will appear as Unknown device, so it's easier to locate the device.
3. Right click on the unknown device and click on Properties.
4. Under the Properties window click on Details tab and select Device Instance Id from the drop down box.
5. You should see a code similar to this


6. The portion of the code highlighted in RED is the Vendor ID and the portion highlighted in GREEN is the Device ID. In this example:

Vendor ID = 8086
Device ID = 27DC

7. Once you have obtained both the IDs, proceed to


There you can either search for the vendor from the vendor ID or directly get information about the device along with the vendor name by searching with the device ID.

8. Then from there you can go directly to the hardware manufacturer's website and get the driver.

let me know if I can help further.

can you tell me the make, model and model number of your pc??
I think that ati radeon driver cant insall because windows doesn know what kind of adapter I have. It will crash when it is detecting hardware.

And on pcidatabase.com I found that all devices are from Intel, bu when I searched for device, i returned with "No matches found for: "for example:A131"

is virtualbox a program you have installed??

you can check the video above to see if you have installed properly

and just to be sure are you looking for the ethernet adapter for xp or for win7?



above search page for amd vga drivers


above for ati radeon driver for xp

please give me a little more detail on the driver you need so I can help research it.
Everything is working fine on win7, but on xp I cant install any driver from amd. It will crash when it's detecting my hardware all of them. I tried 4 different versions for my graphics card and every one has crashed. No message just turned off and there was nothing like amd or catalyst in taskmgr. And usb is not working too I can just use usb mouse and keyboard in two slots. In other slots it won't work. No usb keys or other things on usb. I need only these two drivers. I have internet and sound drivers insalled.