Windows XP Does not accept UEFI

Hello, I'm new to this forum and I need help.
I tried installing Windows XP with my original Italian installation disc, but when I booted it up and went through a bit of the setup, it crashed saying that I would need a bios update and check the manufacturer's site (For me its ASUS) But I cant find anything, so I thought it might've been a UEFI incompatibility

Here are my specs
I couldnt find them(TOSHIBA) but I got a program from TOSHIBA that extracted some stuff and apparently is stuff for drives
so are those controllers slipstreamed into the xp install disk?

otherwise you have to press F6 at install and use a floppy drive. :)
you do not need a floppy if you integrate your controllers with nlite, do you want to do this?

cornemuse said in the other thread that some drives will not allow xp to be installed on them, have you checked with the drives' manufacturer?

the thread you say did not have a solution posted, and the OP mostly wanted drivers, his xp installed fine.
I had said that some newer motherboards will not allow XP to be installed anymore.
Most new hard drives, (in their specs), claim to not to be compatible with XP, but I have yet to come across a new hdd that would not allow XP install. (up to 1Tbyte, anywayz)

Sorry for this but, I tried slipstreaming the drivers with N-Lite but to no use, as i followed a tutorial, I burned the new "patched" iso to a blank disc, when booted it would load the leds on my keyboard and mouse, but it wouldnt show any video input, so now I need to find someone with enough time to patch these things for me, I already made an ISO of my XP CD, it is an Italian version with Service Pack 2 pre installed, If anyone here on the forums were so kind to do these things, message me and I'll try to provide a link
I do not slipstream my drivers to my xp install cd, I like to install in a certain order (dell DSS and then Chipset), I had meant for you to slipstream the sata controllers only.

I am confused now, did any other threads in my link to the search page have any other help?
Obviously you have a motherboard that will not accept an xp install, you never said whether you were trying to dual boot win10 and xp

THIS SEARCH page should help as there are lots of threads wanting to dual boot 10 and xp
There is a XP SP3 floating around with Sata drivers. just use that one and avoid the headache. It thinks its 650 mb file and fits on a CD.
I wouldn't even attempt what you are trying. A lot of the latest boards simply won't work with XP. It might work with a motherboard that has both legacy (BIOS) and UEFI support.

There are USB floppy drives that work with most motherboard made in the past 12 years. Not sure if XP sees one through a UEFI only motherboard though.

I just stick with older BIOS only boards for XP. All my BIOS+UEFI boards ended up with Windows 7. I have yet to buy one of the newest UEFI only boards.

You can also get a PCIe floppy adapter (I doubt your board has the floppy connector). Or PCI floppy adapter with a PCI to PCIe adapter. There are multiple ways to skin this one... eBay may be the only easy source for some of those components (including floppies).

The reality is eventually you'll be picking up components mostly from eBay to get your XP boxes working.