Is this WIFI adapter is good?

well the specs do say it is compatible with xp

This is a slightly more technical review for you folks, and if you're just using this to connect to WiFi, you can safely ignore it.
After purchasing this, I found it does not properly work with some Linux setups that were usually guaranteed to work (Kali). After some reaserch, I found that the adapter has two versions - one with an Atheros Chipset, and one with a RealTek Chipset. So far, the only reliable way to tell that I've ascertained is to look at the bottom of the device itself for the FCC number, which is a small sequence of numbers directly above the barcode on the back. If yours reads "TE7WN722NV2", you have the RealTek version 2, which is unusable for some projects. Otherwise, you likely have the superior Atheros version. Another way to tell is, sometimes, next to the S/N on the back, it'll say "v2.1" or something similar. So far I haven't worked out if the FCC number or version is on the box, as I threw that away before realizing this.

above was a comment from an amazon purchaser

several other sites are seeming to be favorable reviews, be careful and try to get it from the manufacturer as there have been several scams lately of counterfeit items being sold, :)
I do not mean scammer, what is happening is that counterfeit electronics that look exactly like the originals are being sold, they usually break down quickly as the parts are not with the original tolerance, :)

just to let everyone know, :)
WY FI adapters are only good when used for a door stop, or thrown at fighting cats in a alley,

they upset your central nervous system :eek: FACT

and slow your computer,
I have been using the Linksys N900 WiFi adapter considered to be the most powerful and reliable WiFi dongles for XP for several years now and it has been flawless. You can find them new for under $10 if you look around.

I have the exact same WLAN. Works perfectly under XP 64, should come with a CD. I have the v2 Model I think.