I want my old computer back, how do I rebuild or buy new xp?

Discussion in 'Windows XP Hardware' started by Kwolb77, Nov 19, 2021.

  1. Kwolb77


    Nov 19, 2021
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    First off I have no idea what I'm doing. Second my old xp died 2 months ago. Looked into new computer, and frankly I don't need or want one. How do I go about either rebuilding an xp, or buying new parts to rebuild a new one. I am told (payed someone to look at it) my mother board is dead and also I don't have the right drivers. All I want to do is use office, vlc, pdf reader, and a video game or 2 of which I already have disc for. I don't have internet at home only at work. Is there a guide or tutorial?
    Kwolb77, Nov 19, 2021
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  2. Kwolb77


    Mar 30, 2021
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    united kindom
    hi there
    check out your local junk shops or charity shops will normally find an old xp for a fiver or so look through ebay for the same may be a bit pricey there though there plenty of old xp comps about just depend how much you want to spend car boot sale are a great place to get them also

    drivers disk can be found on the internet archive under cd rom images or other sources update disk also can be found there ,all are free just ask a mate to download them :)
    building one is easy enough ,but cheaper to buy a ready made one

    long live xp :)
    red, Nov 19, 2021
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