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that registry fix is for POS ready xp, or point of sale, some people like this, I do not, I just keep regular xp, and surf responsibly. :)

What I use is Portable update:

that way I can install my updates offline.


I am logged onto my onedrive account always and can still get to other onedrive's to download. try refreshing your page, and are you on firefox or chrome?? do not use IE except for microsoft updates.
Sorry I didn't subscribe earlier to this thread and by this time I have already made the registry changes and downloaded a whole lot of updates. Should I switch over to portable update website?
Well I clicked the POST button too quick. Let me go through the website and see if I can understand any of it. Not too literate I would say on this matters I am.

BTW, I would like to know if XP allows IE higher than 8, or, in other words, what will happen if I try installing say IE9/10/11 etc.?
@Elizabeth23 IE9 makes use of DirectX 10 and some other features you can't get in XP, so it's not possible to use it.

If everything was back ported and the IE9 installer was hacked, it could probably be done, but it'd require a lot of hard work.