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I’ve just bought a new Dell U2414H monitor, which hasn’t come with a XP Driver, and I get a warning notice every time I start my PC (Dell Dimension 8400). I’m a complete PC novice, so I asked on the Dell forum for help and advice, just to be told by the moderator “There is no Windows XP support for our newer monitors such as this U2414H. Dell only provided a Windows 7/8/8.1 driver. The U2414H User's Guide also only references Windows 7/8/8.1.”……some help.

This is no way to run and business and stay in business.

Can anyone please give me some advice of how I can get a driver or do I really need one, to a point, the monitor works fine, apart from the warning notice.


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you could get an acer, or one that still supports xp, but for drivers if Dell does not have an xp driver, then you are stuck with that message and can just disregard it.

I see Chris is helping you at Dell, so you have a few choices, one to return it, two to just keep on using it and ignore the message, buy one compatible with xp.

I have a monitor that is for win7 and says no input whenever I restart, but the monitor works so I just go on. :)
see their will be drivers for dell dimension try to download from net and install graphic drivers which may resolve your issues. hope so, once try these.good lucky