XP keeps turning off the hard drive when I close the laptop or it goes to sleep from 5%

Whenever I close the lid for more than a minute or it sleep or stand by because of low percentage it will come back with just a white cursor with black background and nothing I can do but turn it off and back on. Do I just turn off stand by or is there something I can do so it doesn’t just do this and force me to lose whatever I’m working or playing on?
How old is it? Or how old is & what brand of hdd is it?

Recent WD 2½" (blue) drives will spin down after 7 or so seconds of NO activity (keystrokes, data transfer, etc. This cannot be turned off. WD usb hdds same action but CAN be turned off. This help?
Maybe you're battery is bad I mean mine is pretty crappy like 30 minutes so maybe a new battery. or maybe it is the battery controller which is in the battery.