XP Forum seems very, um, sparse.

Hello All, Hello Elizabeth23 from Aunty Jack,

Fully realise that XP is now a very old OS but still, "fighting fit" and IMHO still very viable.
Seems sadly that only one or two members are online at any one time.

Oh well, such is the price of progress.

Cheers from Aunty Jack.
True! I use Vista now, so I guess I am looking back at XP from "afar"...lol. That's why I only post now and then. I still visit a lot because while I'm enjoying using Vista on my machine, I still miss XP quite a bit. In fact, it was VERY hard for me to make the switch from XP x64 Edition.

The one thing about Windows XP x64 Edition: it doesn't support a lot of hardware, so it left a lot of people in the cold. But if you were like me, and had a completely supported box (I have an HP xw8200 Workstation with two Xeon CPUs and 7 gb of DDR2 RAM), it was a dream OS to run (even better than vanilla XP). It was soooo stable.

Even now, six months after jumping to Vista x64, I have now found a source for patched post-April updates, and now there is a customized x64 build of Pale Moon for XP x64 (which Pale Moon normally doesn't support). So I'm VERY tempted to go back. However, I'll have to go through all of the upgrade pains once Server 2003 updates run out in July 2015. So it's a hard choice to make.

Additionally. Vista x64 is running quite well on my system. But yes, I do miss XP x64 Edition. A LOT! :)
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Hello, Aunty Jack, I am glad that there is more expertise to help on this forum as lots of us will continue to use xp. :) All help is appreciated. :)

Hello Jody Thornton from Aunty Jack,

Thank you for your response to my post, appreciated. I agree with you that Vista (I have Vista from Vista Starter and all versions up to Business Ultimate) despite it's detractors is in fact a much under-rated OS. We have two PC's here at home. The AMD 64 bit multi-Core 8Gb RAM and top line everything running Win 7 Home Premi My wife uses that one mainly. I love to tinker with old PC's and use a Dell Optimax GX270 (with, amazingly, a 3Ghz CPU) but a bit short on RAM. I did run Vista Home Basic and then Vista Home Premium on it (both quite fast) but decided to go back to dear old XP Home 32 bit. I have modified XP to the extent that, at idle, it runs in 184 Mb RAM. Overheating CPU, a common problem with the Dell GX series. I made a 6 inch boxed 12 volt fan (from a spare power pack) and the CPU temp under full load conditions has dropped from 70 deg Cel to 48 deg Cel.If I can find compatible RAM chips for the Dell I would like to max it out to 4 Gb RAM and run Vista Home Premium.

I am an old (middle sixties, 70 will creep up on me in a few years) techie at heart and having a second "muck about" PC and a few spare hard disks (I never delete/format away a viable OS) and test any interesting looking OS going after taking out my fully operational hard disk with it's own OS and starting with a spare hard disk put in. I don't know whether it is nostalgia or familiarity that always brings me back to XP as my preferred OS.

Anyway, I am just rambling on a bit,


Aunty Jack.
Hello Elizabeth23 from Aunty Jack,

Thank you for your comment. I believe that the thing that keeps forums alive is participation. If I don't know the answer to something, I say so. If I can help a member with something, I will try. Sometimes I become a bit "wordy" or "long winded", probably from my professional days in Law and Management (and a bit of IT as well, try using SAS to extract specific data from a 4+ million line COBOL database).

Anyway, always ready with help if I can or just a Lounge conversation.


Aunty Jack.