XP cannot see memory card reader

I have a 2006 Dell Dimensions E310 with Windows XP OS.
It came with many media slots for memory cards and had a built-in cd/dvd burner, most of which stopped working years ago.
I had a Kodak 50-in-1 memory card reader that worked fine, but it recently quit. I replaced it with a Vivitar 50-in-1 card reader/writer, but XP cannot see the card in it.
My son's Android tablet sees it as does my Mom's very old MacBook with OS Leopard, but XP cannot see it.
The previous Kodak card reader was Drive F, but it does not appear now.
I know it is not a problem with the USB port because it finds a memory stick when I put it in (shows up as Drive L) and when I plugged in my external backup drive, it saw it (as Drive K), so the port is good.
On the back of the card reader package it says it is compatible with XP and their troubleshooting page says XP does not need a driver.
The back of the package also says to go to Vivitar's page and download a driver if you have Windows 98SE, which I do not have, but I thought I'd give it a try. I get to the page, and there are no drivers anywhere - you have to send an email. I sent the email.
Then, I call and get some guy in India who tells me I have to get a driver from Microsoft.
I have done hours of Googling to see what is out there. I have spent more hours trying to update drivers, to no avail. I don't know how to update a drive that cannot be seen.
Any suggestions?
stick the card in, go to device manager ,highlight the top line, (computer name) and select scan for new hardware and see if it is then found and the driver loaded.
Have you tried putting a memory card in there, some card readers don't detect unless they have something in it. My cheap chinese reader suggested I plug it in with a SD card for he first time. If that doesn't do anything try under linux and when the driver loads see what chipset it uses and then you can find a driver that way. You man not even need one and it might just say in linux that its BCM-239292 or something to that extent.
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