Won't open Firefox suddenly

Brand new on this site. I go back to Atari and before Win 1 so I know a reasonable amount about Windows. I have had Firefox since it began and all was well. Then I read about cookies, which I usually ignored. I went into XP and did the instructions.

But since then I have to sign in again all the time as well as when trying to open my Google page it mostly spins around and then says it's not working. The catch is sometimes it does work.

Maybe I shouldn't have fooled around with the cookies because that appears to be where the problems started.

Anyways, glad to see an XP forum. I still use it for main stuff.
my idea would be to uninstall and reinstall firefox,

you need to know which cookies are doing what, some sites that you regularly sign in on need a cookie to keep you logged in, what I do when I wish to see exactly which cookies are in each site I bring up

1. find the sites you use all the time and set a bookmark on each (keep them or delete when done your choice)

2. close browser

3. I use ccleaner and tfc to clean up all temp files, then tfc generally requires a restart

4. open browser and go to a single saved website

5. sign in if required

6. close browser

7. open ccleaner , find the cookies and search through each to see if there is a cookie you need to save, there is also an intelligent cookie scan which is supposed to save the cookies needed to keep you signed in

8. then do this with other saved sites.


as for your problem now, you might try a system restore to a point before this issue.
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I found that if I go straight to google rather than through Firefox, any page comes up instantly. Don't know why, but it works.

One other issue with my tinkering with cookies (never again) is that some of my 70 or so sites, most open without having to insert passwords but my FB and blog won't open until I type in my email and password. Not a big deal but curious.

Thanks for all the help.
if you use ccleaner, there is a section under advanced for cookies, you want to clean all cookies and then go to the webpage for facebook login and save password, then open ccleaner to cookie section and find the cookies dealing with facebook and use arrows to save them to the right side.


I just got through doing this for a friend who wanted his facebook always to open without a password, I did it, but also told him that I find this to be an unsecure option.
What I found now is that only the google websites ask for user/password everytime even though they used to open automatically. And then I remembered that my email (dslextreme.com) has removed itself from Google and back to it's own.

So maybe that's a Google issue as all other non-google websites still let me enter without typing user/passwords.

Other than that, everything else is fine.
cookies are basically stored preferences for sites. like google with having custom settings you set for searching, thats a cookie so it remembers what settings you had for the next time you open up your browser so it keeps those settings.
and i'm pretty sure that cookies are also the reason for staying logged in.

This is pretty much from my experiences.
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Seems like it, also my wi-fi had a divorce from Google and is now back where it started and where I liked it. When they joined Google, all of a sudden a lot of changes started to jump in, things which I necessarily didn't want or like. Now I'm back to real, live help rather than the google way.