winxp pro install..can't see my hdd

Hp Pavilion desktop, 150gb HDT 72251. I formated and partitioned 120 gb primary patrition with BuitSuite. I can copy files and I can see the files etc, this tells me that BootSuite can see the hdd.. I also ran other BS tools to check the Hdd. HP did not provide reload cd with the original purchase, so I purchased Xp pro sp3 and downloaded cd as bootable. Here is the problem....Windows setup loads and run for a few minutes until it got to point where was ready to check the Hdd. It gave one option to press C to create a partition or delete a partition, but did not display a HDD. I pressed ENTER and install told me no disk and repeated this three more times. It can't find my HDD.
Earlier in the install a previous screen at the bottom had an option f6 to install a third party driver, when I pressed f6 it ask for a floppy, I don't have a floopy drive or floppy. I don't have the driver and can't find on the net. HP will not provide a driver or any info because XP is not supported. I tried to buy one from HP and they no, so guys and gals I turn to your knowledge, can you help...please