Windows xp service pack 3.1

Windows xp service pack 3.1 has been released. It does not include the luna theme but does feature the windows classic theme which is the default theme. If you go to the folder that luna is in it will not be there meaning you will probably have to copy it over from another xp installation. There is a VERY IMPORTANT text document that has a solution to some error messages that you should read. What happens when you get to the second leg of the installation it asks for the presetup.cmd and setuporg.exe. If anybody knows how to fix this error without needing two xp installations, that would be great. Does anybody know where I can download all the windows xp updates? The tool I use doesn't want to work anymore. The file link will be posted soon as it is currently slowly uploading at 4shared right now.
Updates are downloaded. Waiting for 4shared to finish uploading the file so I can get a link out to you guys then I will compile the updates into this pack and get that out to you guys as well. Beta testers are always welcome. Also if anybody knows how to fix the errors involving the presetup.cmd and setuporg.exe so you don't need two xp installations that would be great. I want this fixed in the next version so I need a solution soon
If you have Windows XP Professional SP3 32-bit and want to update it to April 2019, go here:

update no longer works ms killed it off, catalog is still working as of yesterday, major geeks sp3 is corrupt .have now done a complete rebuild of my own xp ,including all 51 updates using nlite , there is a 2020 version on internet archive which is ok ,and a good sp3 there also,
cheers phill!834&cid=D7389B68B3A275AD

above is my onedrive public files, go and download sp3 (316 mb), ie8 plus updates, you will need these installed before microsoft updates will work.

was downloaded originally from ms, no one that I have directed to download has said it is corrupted so you can download it from above and save to a flash drive if necessary, I have sp3 slipstreamed onto my install cd. :)

ty for the link
but have tried to go to the update site on 3 different set ups now , all xp sp3 with ie8 ,the page returns ( can no longer connect to update page) ,not fussed any more though as i now have a fully updated xp with sp3 ,and all ms updates from the catalog so if i have to do yet another install i have all i need, also fox still works with add block, avira also still updates on xp as will avast,
cheers phill