Windows XP Professional activation

not sure if I'm on the correct thread so if not, apologies in advance.

I had an old ThinkPad with OEM XP installation. I reinstal the OS with slipstreamed XP SP3, but this instalation won't accept the old key. Is there any way to activate this new installation? Maybe over the phone? The key is for XP Proffessional and i installed XP Professional SP3 so it's the same version just with SP3.

Thank you on any help.

read above thoroughly, do not use guided help, if you use a phone number wait patiently through the recordings you will eventually be connected to a human if you do not touch any keys.


on another note, oem disks have special keys that are tied to the pc, what brand of oem did you use to slipstream sp3??

regular slipstream will not work with an oem disk

I have a dell and I have instructions to slipstream a dell oem disk with sp3 if you need them.
Thank you on your help. I actually have an old retail version of XP Professional that I used to slipstream SP3. I'll try my luck with a telephone assistance, but this does not sound promising :).