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Discussion in 'Windows XP General Discussion' started by HyperXP, Jan 30, 2024.

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    Jan 30, 2024
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    So I was trying to get windows xp to my Samsung 700T Windows tablet but couldn't get it to work because it couldn't find the SSD in the tablet, is there any way to install it?
    HyperXP, Jan 30, 2024
  2. HyperXP


    Jan 13, 2019
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    At the pub
    Yea well I want to run Windows 98se on my Core i7 PC but that ain't gonna happen.
    ClippyBeer, Jan 31, 2024
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  3. HyperXP

    Madeleine Takam

    Feb 2, 2020
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    Drivers are here and a few other places on the net. You will need a mix of Vista and Windows 7 if they are any good.

    The most important for you are:

    Hard Disk Controller Drivers

    Device Name: Intel(R) Mobile Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller

    Driver Date 2014-04-07 File Size: 17.56M

    Driver Version: Vendor: Intel

    Supported OS: Windows 10 32 & 64bit, Windows 8.1 32 & 64bit, Windows 7 32 & 64bit, Windows Vista 32 & 64bit

    USB Drivers

    Device Name: USB Mass Storage Device

    Driver Date 2014-07-07 File Size: 12.02M

    Driver Version: Vendor: Genesys Logic

    Supported OS: Windows 10 32 & 64bit, Windows 8.1 32 & 64bit, Windows 7 32 & 64bit, Windows Vista 32 & 64bit, Windows XP

    You will need to use F6 on XP setup and install the hard drive (SSD) from a USB.

    You might need to download Rufus to do that. Depends if your Samsung 700T is ok installing drivers from F6 from USB.

    Regardless the Samsung 700T was originally a Windows 8 machine, so you will have your work cut out.

    You are basically working with SD card and USB.

    No idea how you are trying to load XP?

    From a USB?

    SD Card?

    Or from an external DVD/CD hooked up to USB?

    Whatever you need to load the drivers for your hard disk (SSD) at F6.

    In the End ClippyBeer has a point rolling rocks up hill has to have a purpose.
    Madeleine Takam, Jan 31, 2024
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