Windows xp on Haswell

Great find. But do classic DirectX games (like FreeSpace made in late 1990's/early 2000's) still work on video cards w/o 3D accel drivers?

Has any1 managed to get XP on even newer machines than Haswell?
I honestly have no idea if old games work.
I have not seen anything about it on newer machines.
Jesus Christ! Bless GOD, Jesus Christ, Mary, and The Holy Spirit# Then bless my real mom Huong Thi Vu. Honours to my real mom Huong Thi Vu and my real dad Nguyen Binh Thuy. Greetings and be safe to my two real sisters Nguyen Khoa Thuyen and Nguyen Khoa Thi.

Old games from the 1980's and even 90's work even on newer systems no matter what. All you need is DOSBox 0.74. If you want to setup old classic games for newer systems you need what is called WinRAR 3.93 and that goes for $30 for a single user license.

90% Ninety percent of my games I posted are 80's and 90's designed games using the above just mentioned resources.

I give thanks to The Original Jesus Christ that my 43 years of training through my two real parents (Nguyen Binh Thuy and Huong Thi Vu) is finally paying for the rest of my real family's life!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

Here is an example of all the previous (usually) developments that I have posted. It is WinRAR 3.93 (a licensed copy bought from my mother's hard earned money) combined with Borland Turbo C 2.01 (freeware) and Borland Turbo Assembler 4.1 (bought with my mother's hard earned money) plus the software itself that I developed through grace by training all these years sent to school by my real dad.

Real mom: Huong Thi Vu
Real dad: Nguyen Binh Thuy
Real sis: Nguyen Khoa Thuyen (graduated and have a family while I didn't)
Real sis: Nguyen Khoa Thi (graduated and have a family too)

Thank you to The Original Jesus Christ from now on to the highest possible degree#!!

P.S. I tested this on my VMware license Microsoft Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2. There might be a glitch in the fullscreen and sound since my end is Virtual XP instead of authentic native hardware XP.

This is not related to the program above but I was looking at the BIOS settings in my HP laptop for the previous year build and it turns out that it has a legacy setting and specifies that XP is one of the system that it could install. I have so much development stuffs on my system now that I don't want to wipe everything out although it is tempting.
I mom bought this laptop for me this Christmas that just passed. I've enclosed that BIOS information that you can install XP on here. It is a HP Pavilion x360. I only VMxp at the moment but it is a great computer. I have had it for a month now.


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