windows xp on a ssd?

I have a new computer on the way (optoplex 7010) and I was wondering if it would be possible to install windows xp on an ssd (the ssd is a microcenter brand 256gb ssd I got for free) if anyone knows how to do do this it would be much appreciated
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Nlite is very good to integrate the achi drivers during setup. You can even patch uxtheme if you want to customize XP later. Before installing XP though there is something you should do first. Some years ago HDDs changed to be Advanced Format. It has to do with how the drive is partitioned. XP doesn't have that. It can partition the drive but it will have much slower performance. The easiest workaround is that before installing XP you put the SSD on a Windows 7 SP1 computer. Create an NTFS partition there and format it. Then reboot and run XP setup and install in that partition without making changes and don't format it. That way it will keep the Advanced Format configuration.
I ironically am on this exact machine. Set the HDD mode from AHCI to ATA and you can skip having to integrate the AHCI driver and just load Windows XP directly from a CD to an SSD.