Windows XP issues

I have a friend that has a dual core amd system running Windows XP Home and when it boots up and then when he goes to the start menu to go to any applications it freezes now he doesn't download anything all he does is banking and email and uses his office program and has has a paid avast.
does the issue occur in safe mode?

1. check device manager for any warnings, might need a driver update.

2. actually this should have been first, are you on sp3? if not you need to get to microsoft updates and get fully updated with a high priority scan, then do a custom scan and install any rootkit updates.
XP issue

Thank you I'll try and let you know

Thanks for the info great site sorry if this wasn't the right place too post
XP issues

Hi Elizabeth23 I'm still working on this XP issue being trying to fix but it goes to a blank desktop no icons so either he's got a windows curpted or a bad virus so I'm going too tell him that I'm going to format the whole drive and reinstall XP I finally got in and backed up his files but holly what hair pulling this I don't know about you but thats why I went to Ubuntu for most of my desktop jobs and I use W7 for just playing games forums etc.
I keep in touch how I do and thanks for your info.