Windows XP Installation Restarts on "Starting Windows"

So I am going to be very specific here. I have a HP Pavilion 6745c wit 256 megabytes of ram and a intel celeron (700 mhz) that I am trying to install Windows XP home on. So it goes through the "Setup is loading files" and then when it Say's setup is starting windows it just restarts. Has anyone came across this problem and now's the solution to it?
If machine restarts, it is probably booting again from disk you are using for install. Try taking out disk when it restarts, to force it to boot from next device which you set up in BIOS.

You could, upon restart, enter BIOS set-up, and edit the boot order, which you will probably need to do anyway, but you often have to be quick to select the option to enter BIOS. It is much easier to do when you have, yourself, initiated a start, then when machine restarts whilst you are unprepared.
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- Make sure everything is seated properly in the computer (memory, cables,
etc.). Maybe the RAM memory pins are worn out or dirty
- Make sure the BIOS settings are set to default.
- Check all hardware for errors (a bootable memory diagnostics CD, the
diagnostics utility from the hard disk manufacturer, etc..)

If you had a OEM CD be sure is HP or Compaq, other brands could cause issues

Maybe the CD youre using is damaged, try to make an iso and if you notice delay too long (more than 4 minutes) to make it is a signal the cd is faulty

Check the Hard disk with the free software CrystalDisk
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