Windows XP Home Premiun for ULTRA low cost Pc's For AcerEmachimes KAv60 iso

I don't have an XP ISO specifically targeted at the model you're speaking of, nor do I know of a place where one could be obtained, but if you want to put XP on your KAV60 you're going to have to do an installation from USB since it doesn't have a CD or DVD drive. Instructions on how to make a bootable USB disk and install Windows XP among other versions of Windows are available here:

With regards to drivers, a quick Google search turned up the following page, which has a comprehensive list of every device in the KAV60 as well as XP-compatible drivers for them (I clicked on a couple of the links and can confirm they are still working--Acer hasn't taken them down, at least not yet). This should prove helpful in getting everything working properly on an XP installation:

As far as utilities, that depends on what your personal needs are. The programs I use on a daily basis may not necessarily prove helpful to you the same way they've proven helpful to me. What do you usually use your PC for? I can probably make a couple of recommendations once I've got something to work with.

In any event, I pray that this information will help you! I noticed you hadn't gotten a reply and wanted to try and give you an honest response to the best of my abilities. Have a great week and God bless you!