Windows XP FILES from Windows classic games

Hi there to you all, i am a new member of this forum, and my problem is:

I need some specific files from windows XP, not too much, just about 8 files and my question is:

I have a CD of win xp but i have no computer with this windows installed because i use the win 7, so the files i need are:
- cards.dll
- freecell.exe
- mshearts.exe
- sol.exe
- spider.chm
- spider.exe
- spider.hlp
- winmine.exe
and the full following folder:

c:\program files\windows NT\pinball

So, first of my two questions:

1- Can i copy or get these files from my win xp CD without it being installed on my PC?

2- And Second is, if the above is not possible, can anyone copy or compress these files and send them to my email:
[email protected]
or make them available on a site like :

Hope someone can help me,

With no further questions.
Best regards,
Rui Branco A.K.A. coltraneix40
okey doke, sent to your email address.

and Yes, you can get the copies from your cd without it being installed, you would have to extract them as they are compressed on the cd.