Windows XP Disc wont show up on Boot Manager

I use a Dell Inspiron 15 3567, and I recently burned a Windows XP ISO onto a disc. I put the disc in and restarted into the boot manager. The disc was supposed to be one of the options on the boot sequence, but it didn't appear. I don't know what's causing this problem.
did you ensure that the iso was bootable

I do not use a bootmanager, but let's wait and see if anyone who uses a bootmanager can help, :)
I believe the Dell Inspiron 3567 laptop is a 7th generation model which originally comes with Windows 10.

What's the exact 7-character service tag number on yours?
Update: I am now using a Toshiba A9. It had Windows XP installed, but it was replaced with Windows 10 before I used it. Is there anyway to reinstall XP onto it?
I dont know if it is still doable, but a few years ago I bought a used Toshiba laptop with a dead hdd & no install disks.
I bought the 'genuine' install disks from Toshiba for $30± after jumping through hoops (I think to make sure it wasnt stolen.)
Worth a try, , , ,


edit: this was for W-7