Windows xp compatible laptops for sale

Discussion in 'Windows XP General Discussion' started by 69Duck69420, Oct 16, 2020.

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    Oct 15, 2020
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    Sup guys I've just been repairing and upgrading some old laptops I have lying around and I have a bunch of them that run xp if anyone is interested. Prices are in CAD (worth less than USD)
    I have around 10 of these:
    Compaq 6710b - $120 obo (or less without hdd/ram)
    -Core 2 Duo t7300
    -GMA X3100
    -4GB RAM
    -HDD varies

    Got quite a few of these:
    Dell Latitude e5420 - $225 obo(or less without hdd/ram):
    -Intel HD 3000
    -8GB DDR3l 1600mhz ram
    -HDD varies

    And an acer travelmate with same specs as compaq but has a 17" screen but there is a whole/crack in the lid.

    I also have a few more but I haven't put them online yet cuz i need go through them and they are missing a few parts.
    dell inspiron 1720 - both hdd connectors are missing, x3100/t7300/4gb
    dell inspiron 1525 - battery missing, x3100/t7300/4gb
    dell latitude e4310 - dead battery, missing wifi cover, missing hdd cover, intel hd/i5-560m/8gb
    69Duck69420, Oct 16, 2020
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