Windows XP browsers 2021 (after mypal removal)


Current language packs for version 29.3.0
MinGW version: fixes problem with YouTube, includes AV1 codec

Other Browsers
Also look at other browsers that support XP:
Note: strange thing, Serpent 52 roughly corresponds to Firefox 68 and Serpent 55 corresponds to Firefox 54. So Serpent 55 is usually not needed for you.

In Serpent 52 you can enable multiprocessing. In about:config create these keys:
browser.tabs.remote.autostart and browser.tabs.remote.force-enable

Additional Tips:

Make Google as a Serpent/Basilisk's default search engine:

1. Install Classic Add-ons Archives (CAA) extension:
2. Open CAA by clicking it's icon then reload the page
3. Search for Add to Search Bar on that CAA page and install it
4. Open
5. Right-click the google's search box and choose "Add to Search Bar.."
6. Go to serpent/basilisk search preference settings
7. Choose "Google" from the default search engine dopdown menu

Optional step:
1. Remove the CAA and Add to Search Bar extension if you don't need it anymore.

Nice to have extensions:
1. UBlock Origin:
2. GitHub Web Components Polyfil:
3. Lul The Tabs:

Any suggestions are welcome! :D
just us duck duck go over them i use it on all os from xp to 10 dont get many problems
I'm still using portable versions of chrome 45 and ff 52. Both are still getting long in the tooth though as every few months sites are no longer working with them.