windows xp and youtube full hd removed from firefox

title say it all looks like assholes at google are trying to get you throw away your old computer again
on Firefox you no longer get full hd on youtube :(
so any workarounds for this ?
360p is just lame :(
Really? I wonder if something can be done using the general.useragent.override command in about:config. Then again, it's not the Firefox version you're trying to spoof. It's the OS.

Hmmmm, can't figure that one out.
Try using a user agent switcher to make it think youre using chrome.
I assume yourecorded it in 360p so theres no way to fix that. Atleast HD works on most videos now.
nope game was recorded in full hd and uploaded full hd it play full hd on windows 7 and 10 computers on Firefox as to why not on xp i dont know :(