Windows Update hangs in Windows XP Pro

Hello I am new here in this forum. Thought that I should post my question to seek the answer for help. I have tried few links that search engines on the Internet suggest especially with Microsoft also with Microsoft Mr. Fix Ittoo. All of these doesn't help with my operating system of Microsoft Windows XP Pro. I am not sure why or what prevent Windows Update run normal not hangs in? I decided to have a clean install of this operating system on my laptop to have a fresh and clean operating system. Hope someone can help to solve the problem with this.

old ask but the ms update for windows page xp is no longer in use killed off a while ago ,there is still the xp catalogue though which as of writing is still there but wont be for long, the other option is to go to major geeks or internet archive and get hold of the last updates or just download the iso

long live xp :)