Windows setup requires ahci driver to boot

how do i put the driver on the cd so the setup can use it? (I've attached the zip file)


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I´ll try to help. First of all it can´t be zipped. There are 3 ways you can proceed:

1- In your bios set your sata mode to IDE. That way you won´t need any drivers. That´s the easiest way.

2- Windows XP only searches for scsi and Sata drivers if they are in floppy drive A:. You can extract them there and I believe it should work. But I think it has to be an internal floppy drive. It can´t be a USB one.

3- You can use a tool called Nlite. You can get it here: . With that you can integrate the driver to the installation CD and it works great. I have tried it this way and it works. You can even integrate all updates if you care for that sort of thing. You can try to install other drivers as well but not all work. Some will remain uninstalled.
As I said before Windows XP doesn´t search for drivers unless they´re on the root directory of an internal floppy disc A:. Windows Vista and newer do search on other drives. XP just doesn´t have that.
On many HP I beleive I pressed really fast the ESC key while powering up. It would bring up a small menu that states which key to press to enter the Bios. I think it was F2 but I don´t remember. Once you enter look for Sata mode and select IDE then save and exit. XP should install without problems.
To change Sata settings in bios you have to use page up or page down keys. Or maybe + - keys. Then save and exit Select IDE mode or Legacy mode
I guess the manual might say which key it is. Anyways I have bad news. I checked the model number you posted and it looks like your PC was released in 2017 and it came with Windows 10. Even if you can install XP on it you won´t have any drivers on it and it would be unusable. There are some people that have managed to get XP working on newer systems but it has been on very specific motherboards and parts. The lowest that system could probably go is Windows 8.1. Then you can try this user customized Windows 8 that looks and acts like Windows 7. You can get it if you´re interested here: You have to buy a key though.

If you want XP you have to find a computer that is compatible with it. My system is from 2014 but I had to buy the parts that I knew were compatible.