Windows Pos Ready 2009 maybe the support continue

Hi to all

I have tested and the test continue in virtual machine virtual box 6.1 for now is all OK with the updates and other

When finish all with updates genuine and all the rest don't appear the windows of finish support dont appear nothing this is good because maybe the support is ever active and continue

Is better don't listen the microsoft it seems have a ideas confused and have in the brain only windows 10 sorry don't like thia OS

OK the my test continue if I have other news I post here

What I want to say, that Microsoft is deceiving us and with Pos Ready in a particular way they say things that have no foundation, on 2019 the wannacry was released as per your link

I apologize if sometimes I can explain myself in a not very clear way, maybe it will also be the satisfaction of having understood and discovered certain things, which Microsoft will never tell us
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New unofficial dates of operating system supports with similarities to xp and Xp itself with a special version:

Deadline date until DD / MM / YY

Windows CE 5.0 31/8/2019
Windows CE 6.0 28/2/2022
Windows XP WES 8/1/2024
Windows Xp Pos Ready 11/2/2024

This Microsoft has never released we have come to know from official sources the expiry date are real and not invented