Windows Media Player Voice Sync Fixed

Hi Folks I want to start a new thread on this as I thought a new thread title may be more
helpful in folks searching for a solution.​

As I stated my WMP voice sync was a mess, and it seems to have jammed up my computer as well, as now that its fixed the whole machine is a little fast in some areas.

I have K-lite codec pack, the big one that will do everything, I went to reinstall it, which it recommended as soon as I opened it. I agreed to medium level.

In re install, it found about 16 problems with WMP and itself, asked for permission 5 times on about 12 different things, to replace or repair, I granted all, except the install of K-lite WMP classic, version, this action keeps your look WMP, but uses K-lite software in side it.

after it all, it requested a restart of computer, which I granted, after a period of waking up after the restart, as my xp is slow to get roaring, I picked a movie, an old black and white in 780, it was beautiful and perfect voice sync.

This means of course I am no longer straight WMP.

But HA HA HA HA I got it going and I am not looking at a Vlc player traffic stop logo, years ago, I used to have to stack those things on a truck, never wanna see one again.

Please leave comments as you see appropriate.