Windows Hangs after XP logo disappears

Good Morning,
I have an XP problem that I need some input on. I work in a manufacturing facility, and we have some equipment testers that are running Windows XP. One of them crashed and wouldn't start up. I replaced it with it's backup, which booted up fine, and the tester was running after 10 minutes. The next morning (as these tester computers have an automatic backup and shutdown routine every evening at midnight), the computer would go blank after the XP logo and hang. We fixed the original computer and replaced it again, and again, it worked like a charm. The next morning, the problem repeated, the computer went blank and hung after the XP logo disappeared. After a dozen or so restarts, it finally came up. The computers are virus free, there are standard platter hard drives in the original, and SSDs in the other (we are replacing a lot of these with SSDs as they need repair). Each computer has 2 identical drives which are in RAID 0 configuration for quick change-over in case of hard drive failure. I'm not certain what the problem is, since the backup computer (running the SSDs) ran flawlessly BEFORE it was attached to everything.

I have some theories, that these problems might be network related? I'm not sure how, but i'm looking for other theories, as well. I don't specifically know what kind of hardware is in these things, I know there is 1GB RAM, XP SP3, and the only expansion cards are the National Instruments cards for the equipment (no video or sound devices besides the integrated equipment).