Windows Firewall

I am writing an application which shows the windows firewall activity (turning ON/OFF). Is there any method to get notification about windows firewall getting disabled/enabled?
Thank you for the reply.
I read all the links you posted but it didn't answered my question.
I will again re-frame my question.
The scenario will be as follows:
My application will be running continuously (at background). Whenever user will enable/disable windows firewall my application will get notification. Accordingly application will display message box about windows firewall status.

My question is how to achieve this? How I will come to know that user is turning on windows firewall?
Do the following if you want to turn on Windows Firewall and prevent local administrators from turning off Windows Firewall:

In the Windows Firewall: Protect all network connections properties dialog box, on the Settings tab, click Enabled, and then click OK.

above from here, where you can use group policy to prevent users from turning off windows firewall

above is further reading, which shows that if the users are administrators they can still disable firewall, unless you make them power users instead.


you might check out the above freeware, I have not used it, so have no personal experience with this program but it appears to do what you wish.
I read all those links. Using group policy we can prevent user from enabling/disabling windows firewall.

I want some notification to my application whenever user will turn on windows firewall and will click ok button. I want to display a message box that will tell user activity. It will be like warning to user if he/she is turning off windows firewall.

Is there any API present? Is it that I should register my application to windows action center to get windows firewall on/off notification?
Thank you so much for all the replies.
I have already posted a question there.
Will update a thread if I get any solution.
Thanks for the update will be watching to see if they get you a solution, could you post a link to your thread so I can follow it also, please. :)