Windows Address Book Corrupt - recovery software?

Discussion in 'Windows XP Help and Support' started by HaroldC, Apr 17, 2021.

  1. HaroldC


    Mar 7, 2021
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    Recently it seems Outlook Expess has corrupted my .wab file [Windows Address Book] I have got round this so that I can use OE but I would like to recover my old file. Can anyone recommend anything?

    It is a pity I didn't realise that addresses were stored in this file otherwise I would have been backing it up!

    I have found several tools - some of which I have tried and they don't seem to work. I have found one that might work but I will have to buy the software - I am reluctant to do this in case it doesn't work. I am hoping that I will only have to run it once since I will be backing up on a regular basis in future.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

    HaroldC, Apr 17, 2021
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