Window Update error 0x8024400A

After restoring my computer back to it's factory state it wont allow windows xp to update.
Always gives me the above error
Can anyone help?
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OK, but the download wont start.
The first page leads me to a second
Then it wont start even though I click on download
No warnings are given re: pop up or download
sometimes depending on your security settings there will be an information bar blinking at top of page and you will have to click on it to give permission to download file.
if once it is installed you might get a message that you need to update your installer, which I beleive is at 4.5 version, I will find the link for you.
Error 0×80244015 occurs because of missing system files, dll files, exe files and corrupted registry entries that are responsible for installing windows update. Other factor behind this error may be incorrect date/time/year settings or incorrect time zone settings. Destructive program like virus, malware or Trojan may also damage windows components and raise 0×80244015 errors.

How to fix 0×80244015 WU_E_PT_REFRESH_CACHE_REQUIRED errors from windows xp/vista/7/8?

The error 0×80244015 can be fixed using the following method easily. However, there may be several reasons behind this error so it is necessary to find the bottleneck and fix them.

1. You must clean your PC against destructive program. Run full system scan using updated antivirus and remove malicious programs.

2. Incompatible or outdated drivers are the major reason behind this error. If you have recently installed driver then remove. You also update the entire outdated windows driver.

3. Don’t avoid registry corruption. Registry file is the very important system database that keeps track of all the running or installed application. If this file gets corrupted or damaged then windows is unable to find related programs or files and resulting raise 0×80244015 WU_E_PT_REFRESH_CACHE_REQUIRED error.


have you ever done a clean install before? did you update all your drivers?

did you install an antivirus before going online?