Win XP Professional 2002 SP1 x32 OEM ver - link for upgrade PLEASE

I have a legal case and need to access WINFAX Pro program so I bought a laptop that has XP (version above) but it's got lots of bugs. I can run WINFAX Pro 10 on it and see files but I can't print them (the printer won't install) I can't access the internet (has Internet Explorer) it connects and open bing and when I search, says page cannot be found. There are so many problems and the Service Packs I have downloaded say they are not compatible with the version I currently have. I can't find the correct service pack upgrade, can someone PLEASE HELP?
From reading your post I am under the impression that your ultimate goal is to print some old Winfax 10 fax documents. I encountered this same scenario a few years ago but I no longer had my Winfax installation media so I had to find another application that could view/print those old fax documents.

XnView is what you need. It is free for personal use and can view/print Winfax 10 fax documents.
You will find the fax files under Winfax\Data with the file extension .FXD. Just copy these files to a USB thumb drive and on a computer already configured to print use XnView.

Certainly a lot easier and less migraine-causing than trying to get that Windows XP machine working with all the updates that will be needed.