Win XP Pro x64 - CD Damage


Does anyone know where or if it's possible to download individuals files from a OEM distribution CD for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition?

My CD has six files that fail to extract:


The CD was badly scratched and I sent it to Azuradisc for a clean-up, but the six files still can't get a good read.

I've used CDCheck to try to read and recover the files, but the files have damaged sectors that either can't be read or can only partially be read. The recovered files have archive damage and won't extract.

There was another file damaged, the regedit.exe file, but I was able to compare that file with the same file on the Service Pack 2 CD and they were the same, so I extracted it and replaced the damaged file in a folder of all the CD files.

If I can find a source for the six damaged files, I can use them to create an ISO image for a new CD.

I suspect the REGWIZC.DL_ is critical to a successful clean install. It extracts to the regwizc.dll file. The other files extract to a wav file and jpg files. I could possibly get a good install from those even in their current state of damaged archive.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Thanks Elizabeth,

I've got the 32-bit version of Win XP Pro and I compared the files to determine if they were compatible. There weren't.

Perhaps someone on this forum may see this post and help out.

You might also contact your pc manufacturer for a replacement cd, keep bugging them till you get one, as they do have some, just want you to get a new pc instead.
You might also contact your pc manufacturer for a replacement cd, keep bugging them till you get one, as they do have some, just want you to get a new pc instead.

Thanks Elizabeth,

I am the pc manufacturer. I bought Win XP Pro x64 OEM version from either Newegg or Provantage back in early 2009. My system is a custom build; Intel board & cpu, Seagate hdds, Corsair memory and psu, Nvidia gpu, etc...

I'm hoping someone will pop-up with access to the 64-bit version CD of Win XP so I can get a copy of files I need to get my CD fully extractable.

Someone with a paid subscription to Microsoft TechNet would be able to download the entire program. TechNet may have the file archived somewhere.

I know they used to send out CDs to their subscribers with different versions of MS Programs in various stages of testing.
I may have solved my damaged distribution CD issue. I was able to download a trial copy of the Win XP Pro x64 operating system from the following Microsoft link.

I may be able to install the trial version and convert to non-trial version by adding my CD key or I may be able to extract the files I need from the download to replace my damaged CD files.

I am surprised there was a download but you should be able to activate with your product key or just extract your files.

Good work!!!
I'm surprised there was a download as well. I've searched before and never saw that Microsoft page.

I was seriously considering attempting a download from the virus and malware infected RAR and torrent sites.

I'm going to try to set up a dual boot, Win 7 Pro x64 and Win XP Pro x64, on my Win 7 system, because I think Win 7 XP mode leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn't have the same feel and response as actual Win XP Pro x64.

you should also make you a clean ISO or xp to replace your damaged cd. :)

I was intending to do that.

Assuming I can extract the needed files from the trial version download and add them to the folder I created with all the good files from my distribution CD, I was going to see if I could burn a iso image from the folder and from the trial version download and use CD Check to compare the two new CDs.

I want to know if there are any differences between the two versions.


scroll down to the news and click on the download there for the latest version, this is what I used to create a slipstreamed cd for myself to upgrade my installation cd to sp3, but since you are a 64bit, you only need sp2.
Thanks for the link.

Is there a way to only download and install the imgburn program? When I clicked the link, I got what looked like the imgburn installer, but it wanted to install a speed up my pc program that my internet security program indicated it didn't like.

OK, I found the secret to avoid all the undesirable programs from downloading with ImgBurn. The answer as to download the program setup file from the #7 mirror which is provided by ImgBurn. The first 6 mirrors are all junk program vender mirrors probably added as a way to generate some revenue.

Thanks again for the link.

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