Widows XP Professional SP 3-drivers and updates

PortUp showed 340 updates that are installed and 2 that needed to be downloaded (not installed). I downloaded those 2 and they are in the cache folder. The other 340 are seen in a text file. After the fresh install, apart from what is in the cache folder, does PortUp install other missing updates, from that saved list of 340 updates in the text file?
did you download the 340 updates? or those that you wanted? mine are not a text file they are the actual downloads as if from microsoft updates, my cache folder is 2gb approx size.

therefore I have a good 80% of all the updates, portup will not download any wga updates. when you do your search offline after a fresh install, it will point out all that are needed to install, then you can either place a checkmark in the box or remove it and then on the install page press start and it will install all that you have selected.!
did you download the 340 updates? or those that you wanted? mine are not a text file they are the actual downloads as if from microsoft updates, my cache folder is 2gb approx size.
The 340 updates are shown as 'Installed' and 2 more are shown as 'Not installed' and already checkmarked as need to download. I will do this again and post screenshots tomorrow so that you can see exactly what is happening.

Thank you for all the help!
then go to the download page of portup, and click start so the 340 updates will be downloaded and placed in the cache as .cabs and .exes. once they are safely downloaded you can wipe the drive, no need to install any if you are going to wipe the drive.
I got the hang of it at last. Most are obviously necessary, like the 'Security', 'Critical' and 'Net Framework' ones. The others I am searching at Microsoft and other web pages to find out what they are for. it's a beast trying to decide what updates not to download.

There are some updates with the same KB number but with very slight variations in the description. Some are identical in size but some vary slightly in size. I have posted 2 attachments below. do I need to install them all in spite of the same KB number or is there some way to find the necessary one reject the others?

Thank you

Repeat updates.jpg repeat updates 2.jpg
do the ones that say .net fix

they idea behind portup is to get the most possible downloads installed offline before going to microsoft updates and doing a custom scan for updates. There will still be some updates needed that you will get once you have done all the pre-installing. :)

also avoid update KB2934207, this is the end of life update that microsoft seems to consider a high priority update but is totally unnecessary.
do the ones that say .net fix
There are dozens of these repetitions in the 'installed' updates shown by PortUp. If you could please tell me how you know which one to install and enlighten me about the other 3 - starting with ndp20, ndp30 and ndp35, and the one in the other attachment ending with 'msipatchregfix', it would be greatly helpful for me to know what is going on.

For a reason unknown to me KB2934207, is not shown by PortUp, in the 'installed' updates list of my computer. Neither is it being offered for download by PortUp as 'Not Installed'! It is offering the Wga tool for download though.

Is Windows Media Player necessary for anything else in XP to function, or can I not install it?
do this, just download all that portup has listed for the .net, believe me that is what I do.
All I ever did was run the search online, let portup download everything and then when I do my reinstall I installed everything , except WMP, skype, windows search, and powershell as I have never needed those items. I use K-lite's MPC-HC as my default video and audio player, and I get by fine with the standard search companion of xp.
Installed XP at last. Now I have to install the updates. I had installed Windows XP Service Pack 4 some time ago. One of the things included in it is the POSReady trick. As a result, PortUP has saved a lot of POSReady updates that I received to my earlier installation. I am wondering whether to install those or to skip them and install only XP updates. What do you think?
I have installed XP. PortUp worked fine and XP is now fully updated. There were no problems with activation either. I wasn't even asked for a product key. Windows update is also offering a few more updates.

Thank you very much Elizabeth for all the support:)

Kind regards
I have installed the updates with PortUp. If I run portUp again from the new installation, will it scan MS Update Catalogue and download any updates from there, if my computer needs any that it doesn't have?.

Thank you
Hi Elizabeth, read thru your extensive discussions with Janice about re-installing XP.Wish I had found you guys before I re-installed my XP. As you would expect, I had many problems, but I had backed up my data files to another computer. At any rate, It's now working, Most drivers downloaded. I've got a new problem. When I try to install Office 2000, I go a message that said "we can't verify your license" and it stopped, twice. I've owned this Office CD for many years, and installed it on quite a few PC's thru the years, without problems. I then bought a new CD from a reliable provider on eBay. Same results, with new message that I should consult with my IT Mgr.

Any suggestions? Must I start a new thread?