Why is my Windows xp not detecting any wireless connections in taskbar or network settings?

Just 1 hour ago before I used this laptop it had a blue screen problem showing on startup so I performed a full reset on it, than everything goes right after I typed my general pc name, region etc.

It than asked for m password to my Wi-Fi and it connects fine to it so I started removing programs I didn't need in control panel, at same time it started installing 19 programs and after it got done I restarted the pc and

BAM the taskbar only displayed a local area connection 3 tab and t hat is enabled but it says firewalled so i turned off firewalls( thought maybe that or McAfee was messing around with the wireless adaptor or maybe internet explorer settings has somehow removed the WIRELESS ADAPTOR CONPLETELY FRO MY PC.

Last thing that I might have done was uninstalled a wireless driver in the control panel on accident but other than that I did try all of these steps on this website

Here---> https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/825826/ho...

If anybody can't find a solution to fixing wireless driver/adaptor I would like to know what the steps to performing another reset because that's how I got to connect in the 1st place