Where can i source these ram tabs?

broke a few tabs from ram slots and not sure where to find replacements for these...or where i can find ram slots for winxp based computer/old small bracket/tabs..
By "tabs", are you referring to the retention clips which engage in the notch on the RAM board to anchor it down? You could possibly cannibalise some from an old motherboard, but I do not know if you can realistically remove and refit these. (or, if a donner will necessarily fit another manufacturer's socket.)

I would be tempted to see if a couple of cable ties could replace the failed retention clip.
You probably figured this out by now but you can not pull out memory sockets, they are soldered, you can un solder them but it's a painful and lenghty procedure and unless you're a pro it will probably be worse and having it done far exceeds the price of a motherboard. You don't need tabs to remove or install ram, its just a courtesy feature so you don't have to touch the ram, but nobody really cares since this ram is now worhtless, just pull it out and press it back in. look on craigslist too, dual cores are $20 with cpu included or free if you someone throws one out.
good point, but i dpnt solder that much...


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look on he back of any mobo where the ram mounts are located. See all the soldered connections? Look at a ram module, how many gold tabs are there? Turn it over, there are that many more there also. They dont solder them on by hand. NO WAY can you (or anybody else!) replace them, , , , ,
This happens to older sockets as the plastic gets brittle. What I do is push them back in place after the memory module is in place to know everything is where it should be. Being broken just makes removing the modules a bit tricker. My HP z600 has a single broken one like that--just got to be careful with it. :)