What telnet files came default with Windows XP Home?

I know I read somewhere that it might have only had the client part or the server part, I'm not really sure.
Like for example, could I have used XP Home to connect to other computers using Telenet, or could XP Home computers be connected to using Telnet from another system?
I have telnet disabled on my xp pro sp3, so I googled around, maybe these threads can help you:



Or, go to this search page and check around, if you need me to upload any files from my pc to my one drive for you let me know.

From the first link

"I can telnet out but nothing can telnet in because the telnet server is not running. What I'd like to know is what files I need to bring across from XP Pro to get XP Home to act as a telnet server."

Well I guess this means that you can use telnet from XP Home, but unless you install the server nobody can access your own computer with telnet.

Thanks :)
reply no 3:

I have uploaded 24 .reg files to my one drive they will be in the public folder file in a new folder labeled telnet.

I started at the top of the registry and exported each listing for telnet that I found using the find/findnext.