What is the best antivirus for A WINDOWS XP laptop with 128 mb of ram?

I do not believe that there are any that will work with that little ram, you could try linux on that, but it would be best just to use it offline for card games or something, :), I have one with only 512 mb of ram and that is all I use it for.
The antivirus I use on my laptop is called Panda. That was the only antivirus I could find. I added a stick of 512MB's of ram to it, but it only shows I'm using 228MB's. I also swapped out the CPU from a 266MHz to a 400MHz, but that only shows I'm running at 360MHz. It's the best I could do with the dimm switches on the motherboard.

The one thing about Panda, I was supposed to get a confirmation code in the email they sent me, but I never did. So I couldn't ever register it. I've used it on the internet quite a few times so I'm pretty sure it's working. Without me being able to register it I don't think I'll be able to get any updates. I've found two phone numbers for them on the internet. The first one I'd leave my name and info, but they'd never call me back. The second number the woman kept telling me the code is in the email, then finally hungup on me. LOL nice customer service btw.
I've got a correction to my last post. Panda sucks so don't use it. LOL

I got myself Webroot Secure Anywhere from BestBuy. I installed it on my Windows 7 computer and I just installed it on my Windows XP laptop. The minimum requirements are 128MB's of RAM! I'm pretty sure this will work for you. I was going to install it on my Windows XP desktop as well but I've run into some problems with that. Nothing to do with this AV btw.