what have i done

i have a lenovo s10e netbook so obviously i cant use a recovery disk to fix this mess. a couple days ago i was transferring some files from this thing to my external hard drive and since then ive lost a lot of abilities that are normally basic. i cant use defrag or install any new applications at all. on top of that i cant even move any files anywhere on my the hard drive or even to the external drive. what could i have done to cause this problem and how do i go about fixing it?
i tried restoring but it wont completely initialize. part of the way through the process is stops and gives a restore failed message. as far as the hard drive i havent taken it out since i got it about a year ago. im wondering if the hdd is damaged after hearing you say something about hdd installation being wrong
I was talking about the external harddrive.

the manual has a section to call lenevo for help, please try there.

You can find support information for your Lenovo computer at http://www.lenovo.com/support. Research this Web site to learn how to solve problems, find new ways to use your computer, and learn about options that can make working with your Lenovo computer even easier