What do you guys do with old PCs?

Been a while since I've last been here. Oh, by the way, don't mind my username and old posts. I was a kid back at that time :D

I've got several old laptops and desktops that are collecting dust, and I don't really know what can I do with them, which brings me to my question, what do you guys do with your old computers?

What can I use these PCs for now rather than just have them collect dust?
(p.s: I've got 2 PCs that have MB issues due to the moisture in the air)
Part them and sell them on ebay?

Send off to recycles?

You could repurpose one to setup a file/media server.
I like to do things you wouldn't really want/be able to do on modern computers. I have a Cambridge Z88, and every now and then I sit down and just do some BASIC on there as the language is just doing extinct. Definitely feels better doing it on a real 80s computer rather than something modern and I would totally recommend doing stuff like this :D