What are people getting/giving for Gifts. May surprise you

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by WindowsCP, Dec 24, 2020.

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    Dec 1, 2020
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    Hello there!
    I've found out in my Groups for XP then Windows 9x etc. That various members have inquired some interesting ideas for "gifting". In which they've come to us for some level of support for. They are gifting for their own kids, husband,wife, dad etc. What it's been is either a newer, brand new or vintage computer with one thing installed in common. It's solely or dual/mutiple boot of Windows 2000,98,95,XP, Vista & so on. Which I don't seem to remember getting so many requests for help in the years prior. I feel sorta excited & psyched in some ways. We've spent the past decade or more "upgrading", throwing out or recycling old "junk" computers & related stuff. Which is now so sought after. I'm glad I've saved lots of software & kept learning about "outdated" softwares, etc. Is now finally being sought after. I now can see why they want $500 for a Gateway 2000 all decked out. That's not only cause the seller is out of touch with reality! But also is cause some are MORE than willing to fork that money over. In which they've had some great memories with years back. Computers like anything else, become sought after at some point. I'm just happy to help them along the best I can.
    WindowsCP, Dec 24, 2020
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