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    China catching up pretty fast. The Loongson CPU is equivalent to an Intel 10th gen Core.

    It's like the GDP give China a few more years to catch up to Intel then possibly exceed them within a decade or two.

    Plus Intel/AMD are FINISHED / KAPUT in China d/t the recent blanket bans placed on them by the Chinese government!



    Morefine M700S launches as first mini PC with China-made Loongson 3A6000 CPU
    Morefine M700S is the first mini PC with the Chinese Loongson 3A6000 CPU (Image source: JD.com [edited])
    The China-made Loongson 3A6000 CPU has made its debut inside the Morefine M700S. Given the power of the processor, the mini PC is geared for less resource-intensive tasks. It's up for preorders in China at ~$387.
    Abid Ahsan Shanto, Published 04/10/2024 ...
    Mini PC Launch
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    Even though the previous Loongson CPUs failed miserably while trying to catch up with Intel and AMD, the newer 3A6000 processor has made a valiant attempt. According to previous reports, the CPU is on par with Core i3-10320. Although that's a dated Intel chip, it's still an upgrade from Loongson's past processors.

    Now, the newer LoongArch-based China-made CPU has made its debut inside a mini PC, the Morefine M700S. As you can expect, the tiny computer doesn't promise top-notch performance. Instead, it's more for industrial use, education, finance works, and other related fields.

    As we've covered earlier, Loongson 3A6000 is a 64-bit chip that's based on the proprietary LoongArch instruction set. The CPU features a 16 MB smart cache and supports DDR4 RAM. On the M700S mini PC, the processor operates in the 2.0 to 2.5 GHz range and can be paired up with 64 GB of memory running at dual channels.

    The new Morefine computer also has one M.2 PCIe 3.0 slot for SSD and can hold a 2.5-inch hard drive. With the built-in GPU, the mini PC can handle dual display output at 4K 30 Hz through the two HDMI ports. Speaking of ports, there are four USB 2.0, one Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 3.0, and one Type-C, which has support for 30W PD.

    For wireless connectivity, the Morefine M700S has WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0. Other highlights of the mini PC include a compact body that measures 149 x 145 x 50 mm and a custom cooling setup. Pricing-wise, the computer with 256 GB storage and 16 GB of RAM has a pre-sale price of CNY 2,799, around $387. The chances of it stepping outside the Chinese market are low, but the company sells other mini PCs in its lineup in the global markets (M9 available on Amazon).

    Main highlights of the mini PC (Image source: JD.com)
    Other features (Image source: JD.com)
    Hunter2021, Apr 15, 2024
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