Website remnant

After I closed a website I was visiting I notice that part of the website design, i.e. a green vertical line, has been left on my monitor display. I have restarted my computer several times but the line remains as part of the display whatever website or programme is running. Any suggestions on how to remove this line would be appreciated.
this worked for me, it might for you if it is an lcd flat screen, I very gently twisted the screen and the lines went away. :)
Silly question perhaps but do the green lines show up in the screenshot? because if the monitor is faulty they won't be in the image. One way to show images on forums is to upload them to a website and link them. I occasionally use imageshack for that.

3 possibilities;
1. screen is faulty and needs replacing - do the lines show up all the time, even while booting?
2. Graphics card (well the laptop version of one) is faulty
3. Software or driver problem, which is the only one that's fixable without spending money

Try holding down F8 while booting to bring up the menu then booting into safe mode. If the green lines still appear it's probably a hardware fault.

above from THIS thread


there are a lot of users with this issue apparently, see the above searce site.
Many thanks for your advice. The line shows on the screen when I run a programme but not in the moments when the screen is blank. I have tried PrtScn and the line shows on the Paint image. I will contact the monitor manufacturer to see if they can offer any possible solutions. I will also attempt to reinstall drivers. So after several years of trouble-free use I suddenly have to become an instant computer expert. Not easy.
Your advice much appreciated.